WOEBUS Life is a company started 2017 by Leo Woer, who is a former Sales- & Marketing Manager for different US based IT companies.

In 2003 he started his own company doing IT consultancy and internet marketing, and began to be interested in online selling, and has with the brandname LeMik during the last 3 years with success sold wall brackets for computers and playstations via Amazon and own webshop.

As the great passion for Tennis and Skiing and other outdoor activities became more and more apparent he started WOEBUS Life, which have the goal to provide quality supplies for the growing industry “Sports & Outdoors”, and here by 1st June 2017 the Amazon shop opened with the first product “WOEBUS Thermo Bottle” to serve all outdoor entusiasts with a aestetic designed and very useful double wall stainless steel thermo bottle, which can keep cold drink cold and delicious for up til 24 hours.

WOEBUS Life will continue to both develop and insource high quality supplies for the outdoor life under its own name “WOEBUS Life” enabling the customer to do one stop shopping, and will be very responsive to customer wishes within outdoor supplies.

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